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GNaKT believes in the impact of decentralization to empower individuals & businesses. Specialized in blockchain & non-fungible tokens (NFTs). I offer a range of formation & consulting services to allow companies, organizations, & individuals to navigate this exciting and rapidly evolving technology ecosystem.



Expertise & experience in blockchain & NFTs

Navigate with an experienced cyber ocean sailor

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My passion for blockchain began in 2017 & soon after, I began working in the industry. Over the past few years, I have held a variety of roles including teacher, consultant, communication manager, & Tezos Ambassador for Smart-Chain.


I have worked on numerous projects & built up a strong network of connections across various sectors. In addition, I have given over 100 hours of courses & presentations at various schools & media outlets. Through my diverse experiences & expertise, I have cemented my vocation in the world of blockchain & NFTs.

Deeply involved in Tezos ecosystem, I became an expert of its technology specificities, its dapp ecosystem & its so unique community. Since March 2021, I found myself an irresistible attraction for crypto art through #CleanNFT artists mouvement. Happy owner of thousands of artistic NFTs from over 1650 artists, I created online galleries & museums.

Whether you are looking to leverage blockchain for your business, to learn more about NFTs, or simply to understand how this technology works, I'm here to accompany you.

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I offer a range of educational resources, including workshops & seminars, to help you learn more about blockchain & NFTs.

Blockchain Consulting

Appreciate my expert advices & guidance to help you understand how blockchain & NFTs can benefit your business & how to implement it effectively.


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