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Decentralized knowledge

Blogposts on socials networks, articles, talks, as well as some museum & galleries.

Over the years, I have created numerous educational resources that are freely accessible to all, aimed at raising awareness, demystifying, & promoting blockchain. Enjoy!

OGM - On Going Museum by tz1iQuQ39TAxGbQjd6Zb4omfYpMtauwSvtaf (14).png

On Going Museum

Music & art are gathered to create an ambiance based on the music's mood (electric violin, brazilian rap, electronic music & more to discover) on this 21 editions NFT museum made of two floors & a garden. Big up to @WideawakeBeets for this amazing archi!

#TezQuakeAid Memorial by 0x47f52fe541e8f9e489d025bfd7fc0ff772966150.png


In memory of the vitcims & all those who suffered from the tragic earthquakes in Turkey & Syria. 
To help NGOs save the lives of Turkish & Syrian victims of the recent earthquakes, #TezQuakeAid fundraising initiative was launched by Tezos community. >500 artists created >650 artworks & raised >$100k.


The Endless Museum

This museum is the largest I have ever created. Thanks to Protoworld, I built a multi-space museum on a vast zone. While the museum is constantly evolving, I have already dedicated a whole area to oceans in support of the Aquaverse project.

(High-speed internet and a good graphics card are required for optimal enjoyment of the visit)

The be happy museum by tz1iQuQ39TAxGbQjd6Zb4omfYpMtauwSvtaf.png

The Be Happy Museum

First museum I created, you'll enjoy discovering the warm & chill ambiance brought by the meet of chill rap & artworks from all around the world.

Capture d'écran_20230102_174643.png
Capture d'écran_20230102_173146.png

Don't miss anything

Be sure to follow Marius on Twitter & LinkedIn. Also, don't forget to check out his blog (built on one of the first decentralized social networks secured on the blockchain).


Feel free to enjoy his NFT museums & galleries as well as his various talks & conferences available online


You could also appreciate the Wallcrypt book co-written by 60 blockchain experts in France in which he participated.

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