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I am committed to deliver high-quality training & personalized support, key factors in my clients' success. I have gained a solid educational expertise through my years of experience in various higher education institutions & businesses. I now offer a wide range of courses tailored to the various levels of knowledge & needs of my public to help them achieve their professional goals.


The training modules listed below are available in person or remotely & each last 2 hours. For optimal knowledge transfer & personalized exchanges based on the audience, these trainings are conducted in small groups of 1 to 20 people

Please don't hesitate to contact me to determine the desired training formula & format together.

Interactive training

  1. Introduction: Bitcoin, blockchain & cryptocurrencies

  2. Tezos: a unique protocol combining decentralization, security & performance

  3. Overview of Tezos' competitive advantages vs. Ethereum

  4. The ecosystem of Dapps & actors building on Tezos

  5. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions on Tezos

  6. Crypto art NFT marketplaces: Their specificities & features

  7. History, origin & key players of crypto art on Tezos

  8. Putting the Tezos & Ethereum ecosystems into perspective

  9. Generative art: from its origins to f(x)hash adoption

  10. The benefits brought by NFT technology to traditional art world challenges

  11. Examples of community initiatives focused on art

  12. On-chain art events & philanthropy 2.0

  13. Small treaty of acquisition to the use of the honest collector

  14. On-chain data: tools for reading & analyzing the blockchain

  15. ​Exhibit & promote your NFT collection via online galleries & museums

  16. Tezos NFT community: codes & specificities of a cultural & artistic hub

  17. Integrating Web3: Optimized use of Twitter & social media

  18. Editions, prices & sales techniques: manage your artworks & take the stage

Practical Training

  1. Create, top up, & secure a non-hosted wallet

  2. Creation of an NFT, a collection & a collaboration project

  3. Creating a generative art project 

  4. Create a DAO and its governance token

  5. Creating a 3D exhibition & its entrance ticket

  6. In-depth analysis of some famous artists's sales

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